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Big Meal

Big Meal Japanese and Asian Restaurant – my new favourite AYCE restaurant!

Hung Fook Tong. Sweet Soups Galore

The way that every Chinese dinner ends is with 糖水 (Tong Sui, which literally means, sweet water). The term itself refers to any sweet, warm soup or custard and is a Cantonese specialty that stands in a category of its own for desserts.

Lucky me?

Chinese-Indian food = Inferno in my mouth!

Fossil & Haggis

Fossil & Haggis Pub 790 Military Trail Scarborough East   I don’t think I will ever understand Scottish pub names until I …

Heavenly Phở

Phở Pasteur 525 Dundas Street West Chinatown, Kensington Market, Alexandra Park   I have had my fair share of Phở in my lifetime.  …