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Chocolate Tales Workshop

*UPDATE 19/NOV/2013 – $34 for a Chocolate Tales workshop (regularly priced at $75). Click here.* I find myself drinking a lot of cocoa …


Pallucci – a midtown Italian restaurant celebrating 11 years of dining.

Adieu Bistro 990

A meal at Bistro 990 before it closes its doors to make way for yet another condo development.

Prima donna and the Aria

Aria, a word in Italian that is most associated with the opera. It evokes images of grandeur, and a moving, and powerful melody that brings even the most macho man to his breaking point. While the food didn’t bring me to tears at Aria, the decor was definitely grand. The food at Aria can be compared to modern opera (e.g. taking classics, and modernizing it). Sometimes it works, but most times, these modern operas are criticized for being ruined through so-called artistic direction and the nostalgia of embracing what is familiar to us is dearly missed.