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Magic Noodle

While everyone is all up in the ramen craze – I don’t see what the hype is all about.  I’ve tried it …

31 Kitchen

31 Kitchen – Demetres, Hung Fook Tong + Go For Tea all under one roof…

Hung Fook Tong. Sweet Soups Galore

The way that every Chinese dinner ends is with 糖水 (Tong Sui, which literally means, sweet water). The term itself refers to any sweet, warm soup or custard and is a Cantonese specialty that stands in a category of its own for desserts.

A meal fit for a king?

Back in the olden days, Chinese emperors had eunuchs test out their food for poisoning before every meal. I’ll leave the food poisoning up to the eunuchs and just come to sample some of the food that Emperor has to offer.

Not the premiere place for dim sum

My mom alleviates my duty as head foodie of the household at times and takes the family on tasting adventures – mostly at Chinese restaurants. This weekend, after we daughters treated the family to an early Christmas dinner, my mom treated us to “fancy” dim sum at the Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre.

Lucky me?

Chinese-Indian food = Inferno in my mouth!