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th3hungrycat eating at Alleycatz – it was just bound to happen!

Crazy Chinese!

Chino Locos – translates into Crazy Chinese. Are we crazy? I guess the media would like you to think so with stories of onlookers ignoring an infant that was run over by a van, with some of the things we eat (chicken feet?) etcetera. Well the owners at Chino Locos have taken crazy in a positive direction with their spin on burritos made with chow mein? Yeah – they went there!

Monet meets Julia Child

Dining at Chez L’Épicier is like going to a gallery opening. You expect there to be fancy food and great wine/drinks, but you really came for the art. Well, there may not be any Monets or Picassos here, but the food really is a work of art!