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Afternoon Tea @ Butter Avenue

While I am totally for abolishing the monarchy and any attachment to the throne, the one English tradition that I quite enjoy …

Chic cupcakes

Boutique cupcake shops have been all the rage… Have they replaced macarons in the world of sugar hype?

Fusion Done Right!

I am not usually a fan of fusion, but Shiso might have changed my mind by bringing Japanese and Italian cuisine together under one roof!

Patisserie La Cigogne

Patisserie La Cigogne 1419 Danforth Avenue Greenwood **1/2 Came here with my aunt and cousin to grab a “quick” lunch during his …

Food Truck Festival Flop

Food Truck Eats Festival 55 Mill Street Neighbourhood: Distillery District Star Rating: * Toronto’s food truck industry is non-existent – unless you …

Gorge yourself at El Gordo

El Gordo Fine Foods 214 Augusta Avenue Kensington Market It all seems a little confusing at first when you enter this communal …