Sneak Peek | Brunch with a South East Asian twist at Linda Modern Thai

As a frequent brunch go-er, sometimes menus can get boring.  I mean sure, eggs are versatile, but Hollandaise sauce gets kind of boring after awhile.

So when Linda Modern Thai invited me to preview their new brunch menu, both my bored palate and I were excited!

Traditional brunch items get made over with a Thai twist.  Eggs Benedict gets reinvented; their famed Panang curry replacing the classic Hollandaise, topped with smoked duck breast which is tailor made for Linda by King Cole.  The whole shebang is served on a butter brioche from Mabel’s Bakery in Parkdale.

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Curry?  Sounds like it’d be a much heavier substitute for an already-rich Hollandaise right?  Nope – it is surprisingly light and leaves room for the bounty of sides that come with all brunch entrées which include your choice of:

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The Thai dough fritter (pathongko) is a misnomer.  It refers to white sugar sponge cake which was often sold by street vendors, together with dough fritters.  The names of both were often shouted aloud.  Unfortunately, the sponge cake wasn’t so popular among the Thai, but the name stuck.

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On the sweeter side of things is the Roti Gulay (Thai Banana Egg Pancake), which is closer to a crêpe than actual roti which pockets peanuts, coconut and banana inside and is lightly drizzled with condensed milk.

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Breakfast beverage options come in the form of Doi Chang Coffee or Thai Tea as well as a selection of cocktails and mocktails.

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Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM to 3PM.  Reservations are recommended.

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*Disclosure:  My meal was partially complimentary and courtesy of Linda Modern Thai.*