Brunch @ Saving Grace

I hate lineups; and lineups and brunch seem to go hand-in-hand as if it were part of the overall brunch “experience.”  And not only that, the good brunch places will ensure an even longer lineup.

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Saving Grace has always been on my list of places to try for brunch but the waiting part has always put me off since I normally only brunch on weekends which = lineups.  But since they are open 7 days a week for brunch, I went on a weekday and there was no line :)

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Pastel colored paints of green and pink make this place seem like the kind where valet stroller parking is to be expected outside.  The overall feel of the restaurant is homey and cozy, as if you were over at a friend’s house while enjoying conversation through the kitchen serving window while brunch is being made.  The space is quite small (probably seating no more than 25) and there’s no wonder there are lineups given the pace of service (even on a Wednesday).  I’d hate to think how busy they get on weekends.  There’s a clipboard at the entrance to put down your name and number for them to call you when your table’s ready.

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Daily specials are scribbled on the chalkboard in addition to their regular menu.  What intrigued me about Saving Grace is the fact that their menu isn’t boring.  While brunch is mostly all about eggs they have a few unique twists on brunch such as the Rajastani Eggs ($10) scrambled with spicy red onion and tomato served with a healthy serving of Masala chickpeas and spicy paratha – a nice departure from your usual eggs and toast.  I found the dish overall needed some more salt and the paratha was too floury and rather bland.  The eggs were cooked just right.

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We also opt for a side order of potatoes (when available) and today it’s in the form of a hash ($2.50).  Again, a little scant on the seasoning, but the chutney on top is the saving grace with it’s sweet and spicy flavor.

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Brunch ends on a sweet note with a half order of the French Toast ($5.25) with caramelized bananas and maple syrup.  Eggy slices of bread that really don’t need the extra syrup though I suggest dunking the crust into it and enjoying irresponsibly.   The caramelized bananas are perfect and if there’s one dish that knocks it out of the park – this is it.  My first dish comes out with a hair in it, but is replaced with a brand new one.

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Between the regular menu and the bounty of specials scribbled on the chalkboard, there are no shortage of options. And waiting for brunch in this neighborhood isn’t so bad since you can grab a kick ass coffee at Ezra’s Pound a few doors down.  Even if you don’t finish it in time before you get called, it’s only a $0.50 surcharge to bring in outside drinks.  I would say that Saving Grace is a decent brunch spot and their caramelized banana French toast is definitely worth lining up for; but other than that it wasn’t anything extraordinary.

*NOTE* Cash or Interac only.

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