Beer Bistro – an amazing place to grab food and a pint

Beerbistro is located in Old Town and has been a place that I’ve heard great things about (granted, mostly from beer enthusiasts).  It helps that they use everyday adjectives to classify their beers which help newbies like me navigate through their extensive beer list book which boasts some 100+ beers.pecheresse (480x640)

With the disclaimer at the beginning, I naturally opt for a fruity beer – Lindeman’s Pêcheresse, a Lambic beer, mostly made from peach juice and ringing in at a low hang-over rate of 2.5% alcohol.

halibut fish tacos (640x480)

Next we opt for their halibut fish tacos which are piled high with diced tomatoes, red onions + avocado purée.  The fish is lightly battered and the filling was quite delicious.  I wasn`t a huge fan of the taco shell though – too starchy.

mushroom pizza (640x480)

We then turn to the drunken mushroom pizza; the dough is made with St. Ambroise`s Oatmeal Stout.  It is topped with goat’s cheese, stout-braised mushrooms, mozzarella + tomato sauce.  It was absolutely delicious.  But then again I always have a soft spot for mushroom pizzas.

new england style mussels (640x480)

The showstopper was definitely these New England-style mussles, braised in beer, with diced potatoes, bacon, shallots, smoked cheddar, leeks and parsley.  The sour dough bread was delicious in its own right with a nice crust on the outside and soft, spongey centre which was perfect for sopping up the braising liquid.  We shamelessly devoured both the mussels, sopped up the juices + ate the entire bread basket.

DSC_2353 (640x480)

And while I almost never opt for butter chicken (which is ever-so-popular on pub menus), Beerbistro nails it with their brown ale butter chicken topped with eggplant, tomato, cream, on a bed of brown basmati rice, crispy papadum & coriander.  This was delicious. Not your usually mess of overly-sauced plate of brown, unrecognizable slop that makes you wonder if it really is chicken under there.  No doubts here.  The chicken was perfectly tender and the crispy papadum is one of the freshest I`ve had.  And beer does have the ability to reduce spiciness the way a slice of bread can save you from the burning flames of a habanero pepper.

While I am still not going to reach for an ice cold can of beer as opposed to a cold glass of wine, I will definitely not hesitate to make my chicken beer-can style at the next barbecue because if I’ve learned anything from my dining experience at Beerbistro, it’s that everything tastes better with a little beer ;)

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*Meal was complimentary.  Opinons as always, are my own*

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