Winterlicious continues…

Winterlicious round 2 tonight at Midi Bistro. Had been here for Summerlicious as well – funny enough, the exact same menu. The service was pretty standard, nothing spectacular. There was one server and as it got busy he became less attentive. The service was slow. The bread was served cold (a pet peeve of mine) but I have no doubt that if it were warm, it would’ve been absolutely irresistible!  Midi is a very small restaurant – maximum seating capacity is probably about 25 people.

I went with my family in tow. We ordered the escargot, Midi Salad and Soupe du Jour (Roasted Red Pepper) to start.  The soup was very tasty. A fiery taste from the roasted red peppers with a hint of acidic tomato flavor. A great way to warm up from the cold outdoors! The escargots were very yummy, basking in a mushroom cream sauce. It was not greasy which was a nice departure from the oily, rubbery escargots. The escargots were very soft, not like the usual rubbery slime you’d get.  The Midi Salad was a bed of mixed greens, served with prosciutto, pine nuts and pesto drizzle. I found the saltiness of the prosciutto to be too overpowering. The vinaigrette however was very nicely done.

On to main courses… We had the Confit de Canard and Poisson du Jour, which was a Cod Provençale.  The fish was very tender and flaked off the fork with ease. The provencale sauce tasted just like my soup. Hmmm… The vegetables were really tasty. It came with green beans and another pale yellow vegetable that tasted like bamboo shoot… I should’ve asked what it was :p  The duck was perfectly roasted, the skin was very crispy. The mustard sauce was delish!  The meat did melt off the bone, but I’ve had more tender Confit in the past.

The desserts were disappointing. We ordered the Profiteroles, Crème Brûlée as well as Poached Pears.  When I think of poached pears, I think of a juicy, ripe and warm peach.  The poached pears at Midi were underpoached. I had to fully attack it with my spoon and after what felt like digging in the trenches, finally succeeded in getting it from the bowl and into my mouth. It was served with vanilla ice cream. A good poached pear should consist of a slightly warm pear that would melt the ice cream to make the flavors mesh together. Not the case at Midi.  The profiteroles were also a disappointment. The choux pastry was horrible. Not light and airy but hard and dry. Their profiteroles are also made with ice cream – not the soft, melt-in-your-mouth creamy centre that I was so looking forward to devouring. I would’ve enjoyed a frozen President’s Choice one just as much. The only thing that was good about this dessert was the chocolate fudge sauce.  Finally the Crème Brûlée, again disappointing. Not creamy or smooth enough for my liking, and bland.

The coffee was pretty good. Bold and intense coffee flavor. However, they didn’t have any cream left so that was a downer. All in all, good value for what you pay but that’s not really saying much. Perhaps I will try the restaurant again when Winterlicious is over. Their food is great, but next time I’ll go elsewhere for dessert… And coffee.