Insomnia Café makes me yawn

The first time I was at Insomnia Café was for a Yelp party.  I seem to remember a lot of pizzas floating around on that particular evening.

IMG_4516 (417x640)I had a Buytopia voucher for dinner for 2, including 2 beers or cocktails each.  We were a party of three, so we ordered some items à la carte as well.

The space is kind of eclectic.  The front is where you’ll find the bar, and the back area is more of a lounge.  The walls are adorned with artwork that’s for sale, most of them canvas prints.

The food is pretty decent and reasonably priced.  We had no complaints about the dishes we tried.

We started off with the Mediterranean Plate served with garlic, pistachio-crusted pork liver pâté, olives, Haloumi, prosciutto , roasted red peppers and salami.  The Haloumi was to die for – someone throw that into a poutine!

 IMG_4481 (640x427)Speaking of poutine, Insomnia’s version is quite good.  We devoured the entire bowl. The cheese curds were nicely melted, and the gravy was piping hot.

IMG_4490 (640x427)

We then opted for a lobster mac and cheese which was listed as a daily special.   Where was the lobster?  It could’ve been that my partners in dine were selfish bastards and devoured all the chunks before I got to it – but highly unlikely.  Was it made with a lobster broth?  Was there some sort of special lobster seasoning?  I want to know what the guidelines are for when a plain old mac and cheese can have the descriptor lobster in it if it doesn’t appear to contain any lobster at all.  The picture above was taken before anybody’s fork had even touched the plate – you be the judge.

IMG_4486 (640x427)

The Steak Frites was quite good.  Fries were good and the steak itself was juicy and cooked to a nice medium rare.

IMG_4496 (640x427)

The burger was pretty hefty and came with a salad and fries.  Suffice it to say I couldn’t tackle the beast and half of it ended up being doggy-bagged.

IMG_4510 (640x427)

Dessert consisted of a Cherry Cheesecake with meringue on it.  It was alright. Most likely not made in-house.

IMG_4513 (640x427)

The Flourless Chocolate Cake was very rich and dense.  We definitely couldn’t finish it.  It did pair really well with espresso though :)

Overall, the food at Insomnia isn’t something that would keep me awake at night let alone food that I would dream about.

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