One cheesy weekend!

Talk about a busy weekend!  Between running around to and from the hospital to visit my grandmother, working out and trying to catch a break… my mom and I somehow managed to find time to cook!

It was only in retrospect that I realized that we had a cheese-themed weekend.  I suspect its because we like to please when we cook, and both my cousin (from Hong Kong, who’s studying and living with us) and I love are slaves to cheese!

On Saturday, because my mom had spent an exhausting night at the hospital with my grandma, we co-chef’ed.  Is that even a word?  Meh.  It is now!

I don’t know if any of you can quite grasp the wonder that my mom and I were able to co-exist in the kitchen.  We have very different priorities.  I like to clean up after all the food has been cooked (therefore, making my priority to get the food to table in the quickest time), and my mom likes to clean up during the cooking process (therefore, making her priority cleanliness).  I guess that makes me a bit of a slob :p

My mother is also the dad’s “back-seat-driver” equivalent in the kitchen.  There is nothing worse than driving/cooking and having your parents tell you what to do in the background!

My mom was in charge of making Pan-Fried Crab, flavoured with five spice, salt and black pepper.  This dish always has my sister and I in a rock-paper-scissors match-off to see who gets to lick all the seasonings off the plate.  Yes ladies and gentleman, it is that good!  It all starts with placing the pepper and five star seasoning into the wok and heating it up to extract their flavours.  Then, a quick steam of the crab shells, a browning of the garlic, and then you toss in all the crab and voilà… we have liftoff!I was in charge of the Spaghetti Bolognese.  We made a baked variety.  It was quite an easy dish to make with simple ingredients.  We tossed the pasta together with the Bolognese sauce, and then sprinkled cheese on top and popped them in the oven to top broil.  I loved the stringy cheese!  Mmm…Sunday, I had a whole list of to-do things.  Cooking wasn’t originally going to be one of them.  But again, with my mom and sister being busy attending to my grandma I took up arms in Kitchen Stadium once again… And to my surprise, my mother and I made a great team once again!  My mom decided she’d make French Onion Soup and I would be in charge of making Scallop Gratinée.  How were our stomachs possibly going to handle all this heavy food? At first I thought that 4 cups of sliced mushrooms was excessive, but when you cook them down, it really is not all that much.  The recipe was not salty enough for my taste buds, so next time I will definitely substitute half of the white wine for some chicken stock to up the flavour.

Suffice it to say I only ended up having the soup, and I shared half the scallop gratinée with my mom.  I also started off with a homemade salad because I needed some greens to balance out all the heavy cream, butter, and cheese.  All this, finished with a glass of Zinfandel…

I suppose that in the end, even though there were not enough seconds in this whole weekend for me to sit down to catch a break that we were pampered through food.  Ah…. Life is good!