Brunch @ FARMHOUSE Tavern

The Farmhouse Tavern has long been on my list of “to-try” places, but being so out-of-the-way I actually had to make it a mission to venture out to the Junction Triangle.  Don’t try “dropping in” as they take reservations (via text), and if you don’t have one then be prepared to wait.  But those sent waiting were also sent with a brown-bag of goodies to nosh on which makes it seem not-so-bad after all.


Ever since the Hoof Café closed down I have been looking for a worthy replacement.  The haute food, made with simple ingredients without the aura of snobbery takes the Farmhouse from understudy to prima donna.  (And if you tweet at them, at least they respond).


They really take the Farmhouse part of their namesake seriously with all sorts of knick knacks befitting a farmhouse as decor.  Mismatched glasses give the joint an overall homey feel with a yoke and various taxidermy lining the walls.  There’s the main dining room and a second dining room (where the open kitchen is).  If you like a lot of natural lighting, stick with the main dining room.  I personally like to be near the open kitchen, where all the action is happening.  They also have a collection of antique-looking books that look like the kind you’d find in grandma’s house.


The menu is not the most descriptive nor helpful because how is one supposed to know what “Mother and Child Reunion” or “Cover Girl” are outside the context of mall security or a magazine?  It just means that the servers have to do a little more explaining than usual unless you’re a “regular.” Almost makes me feel like the new kid in school asking where the science classroom is.


We feasted on the Barnyard Burger ($18) – which is one of my favourite burgers of 2013.  A juicy beef patty wedged between a duck fried egg, creamy goat cheese and a slab of thick cut bacon that had me going oinkers.  This is all held together in a nicely toasted sesame bun and served with a side of fries.


After making the effort to ask what the Mother + Child Reunion ($13) is,  I though I should try it.  The dish consisted of duck prosciutto and 2 poached, fried duck eggs. The option to add a slab of foie (+$9) was there and I never say no.  So I guess that just takes the dish to a full-blown family reunion!  Just don’t think about the name while you’re eating it because it’s kind of twisted and sick if you think about it.  But that thought will only linger for a moment as the flavours of maple syrup coupled with the fattiness of the foie and buttery, crusty bread will make this orgy of ingredients more than acceptable – societal norms be damned.

The bill (including 2 coffees) before tax and tip came to about $60.  But I’m of the opinion that as long as the food is yummy, then it’s money well-spent.  I can’t wait to come back for dinner.

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