A quick rundown of Electric Mud BBQ

The music is just as loud as the pair behind Grand Electric (Colin Tooke and Ian McGrenaghan) open up sister restaurant Electric Mud. Replace tacos with BBQ goodness and you have their newest addition to the Parkdale dining scene.


The cocktail list is regrettably short, but true to GE style – Bourbon heavy. The décor is hunting lodge meets 80’s and 90’s pin up, meets retro American diner. The main menu is listed on a backlit sign above the kitchen but additional offerings are listed on a sheet of paper at the table. I couldn’t help but wonder if the more elaborate the sketches, the tastier the dish?ge5The food, like the music is loud and hard to ignore. While the underlying cuisine is barbecue – they kick it up a notch with some not-so-traditional dishes such as Crispy Pig’s Ear Salad ($10.50) which is served with an egg, on a bed of Romaine lettuce with buttermilk dressing. The pig ears, with its sweet, savory and crunchiness makes an otherwise too-sweet buttermilk dressing, forgivable.


While Jessica Simpson may think that Buffalo wings refer to cows that fly, the kitchen has taken this American favourite and revamped it by replacing chicken with pig tails ($12.50). The pork belly apocalypse that we’ve all been waiting for may now come to pass, as the Messiah that is full-flavoured, fatty pig’s tail have arriveth. And the smoked blue cheese dip that comes with might just steal the wings off Linda Kash for its creaminess.


While the menu is pork-centric, the Duck Ham ($13.50) doesn’t disappoint.  Interlaced with thin chicken cracklings atop a bed of Hoisin sauce – this is the stuff that Big Green Eggs are famed for – smoky, smoky goodness.


And if you’ve got room, pass on the soft serve and go straight for the Banana Cream Pie ($5). Served in a mason jar, the absence of banana custard is not missed because the Bourbon-flambéed bananas pack in much more intense banana flavor. Coupled with a Graham cracker crust and a generous topping of freshly whipped cream – I was thoroughly satisfied.


While pig ears and tails aren’t for everyone – fear not as the standard ribs and fried chicken are still option on the menu.

The only question I have left is – who is responsible for the kibosh on potatoes at this BBQ? That’s right, there are no fries on the menu.

ATM or cash only.  Lineups start forming around 6:15pm on a weekday. Get there early!

*NB. This post should be used as a point of reference only and is not a review. No restaurant under a month old should be reviewed.  Scout’s honour*

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